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Holistic Financial Planning

As certified financial planners, we focus on the details of your entire voyage.  We need to know where you are heading (goals), how to adjust the sails (investments and net-worth), how sound the ship is (insurance), a careful accounting for provisions (income vs. expenses – including taxes), and your destination (estate plan).  

Yes, your portfolio is important. The media would lead you to believe it is your financial plan when it is only one aspect of it. Because winds are variable (the financial markets), we focus on issues which produce quantifiable results. Where should your energy be directed? It depends on the coordinates of your journey. For many, taxes, retirement income, spending, and debt management are important and for others it is stock options, non-qualified deferred compensation or estate planning.

Financial Planning Throughout the Year

We Cover Different Aspects of Your Plan Which Correlate Intelligently to the Season


Goal Planning, Probability and Cash Flow Analysis 

Winter is a natural time to review goals, to take out the compass and realign with your North Star. 


Investment and Net-Worth Analysis 

The spring time is a natural time to be proactive with your investments and overall net-worth.


Insurance and Estate Planning 

The perfect time to discuss protection issues for you and those most important to you.


Tax Planning

The best time to plan your taxes, before the tax year ends and develop strategies for next year.

Practiced in this order, we bring into focus almost every component of proper financial management at the right time of the year. By repeating the process each year, financial decisions can now be comfortably introduced and re-introduced in a natural cycle. 

The goal of the process is all about keeping your personal finances balanced and realistic—with an acceptable probability of outcome. Your portfolio may still encounter losses yet we want you to feel confident that you are at the helm of your financial resources and are not tossed about by the waves of change. Staying proactive is a critical component in achieving financial security.  

Think of Christopher Columbus. He set out to discover a direct water route west from Europe to Asia, he never did. Where he ended up was not where he expected, but he did keep steering the ship. In the end, he wound up in a far better place. Alternatively, when situations change, you may find yourself on autopilot or fighting the current. It is important to keep steering the ship, whether the seas are turbulent or serene. If you do this, like Columbus, you will likely reach some place wonderful, even more exciting and fulfilling than the place you were originally headed for.

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